Make Your Purchase Count With FoodShareTO!


This holiday season, Petite & Royal will be donating 10% of all purchases made between December 16th - December 31st , 2020 to FoodShareTO. Our goal is donate at least $100 to the families in need. Will you help us obtain our goal? We believe that all families deserve to enjoy the holiday season and unfortunately this pandemic has added an additional stress to many households. We are choosing to give our donation to FoodShareTO as they are doing an amazing job to help the BIPOC community, low-income households, and people with disabilities here in Toronto. 

To understand more about FoodShareTO, please see below!


"At FoodShare, we [They] believe everyone deserves access to affordable, fresh, nutritious food. 

A leader in the food movement since 1985, [They] focus on food justice by working to dismantle oppressive structures that hold poverty and food insecurity in place.

To that end, [They] collaborate with and take our cue from those most affected by poverty and food insecurity — Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, People with Disabilities. Our vision is a Toronto where all people can feed themselves, their loved ones and their communities with dignity and joy. [They] work towards this by supporting community-based initiatives and through ongoing advocacy and public education to advance food justice and equity."

To learn more or make a donation of your own, visit

You can also follow FoodShareTO on Instagram: @FoodShareTo   
*Images & Caption has been provided by FoodShareTO*


Help us to give back and feed the families and children of our community! Make your holiday purchases count!